10 – Eagle


An eagle is the strongest bird in all birds. It has great power to lift of any object. Eagle weight is four times that of its body weight during flying. Eagles have powerful feet, large hooked beaks, and sharp talons. Eagles eyes are also extremely strong. Eagles also considers as a symbol of freedom, power and victory.

There are over 60 to 70 species of eagles on earth. Eagles fly up to a height 10000-15000 feet. Eagles love to storm. They use the power of wind to fly higher. Their eyes have more sensitive cells than a human. So that they easily identify their prey from a long distance. Eagles at the top of their food chain due to their immense power. They have a length of over 3 feet and a body mass up to 15 pounds. In the avian world, they are known as avian predators.

9 – Anaconda

Green anaconda (Eunectes murinus); Shutterstock ID 119405701; PO: NG Kids Website; Client: Jay Sumner

A snake considers deadly animal because there are all different types of them. The strongest snake in the world is Anaconda. Its body weight is 250kg. There are four main types of Anaconda, green, yellow, black- spotted and Bolivian anaconda. Anacondas are belong to boa family. The green anaconda is the largest snake on Earth in South Africa. So this is the strongest type of Anaconda. They grow to 29 feet long and weight as much as 550 pounds. The size of prey does not matter for Anaconda. Anaconda catches their prey through biting with their sharp teeth. He kills his prey by coiling their body and squeeze until they dead. Even they squeeze massive prey like wild pigs, Jaguars, and caimans. After the heaviest meal, Anaconda survives for months without food.

8 – Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bear is one of the most powerful animals. They found in Canada and the Northwestern United States. Grizzly is capable of lifting a weight more than 500kg that is also equal to their entire body. Grizzly avails a maximum height of 2.5 meters and weighs up to 350kg. Grizzly bears have a big head, 6 inches claws and muscular hump. They have strong teeth and measures of their bite is 975 pounds per inch.Even a strong bite can crush a bowling ball. They are capable of running up to 35 miles of per hour. Grizzly is hibernating for 5-7 months and that time they do not eat, defecate and urinate.

Before hibernating they consume a large amount of eating and their food/prey is moose, sheep, fish, deer, birds and even black bears. Grizzly bear gets irritated easily and quickly.They avoid interaction with humans but if encounters with them the best solution is that make a lot of noises and avoid running. Grizzly is capable more damage than a lion and a tiger.

7 – Ox


Oxen is another name, Bullock. They have a body length between 2-2.3 meters and weigh up to 640kg. They carry a weight up to 800kg. They use as plow fields, pull carts, haul wagons, trample grain for threshing and power machines. They attached with a fitted yoke. If two oxen of similar size and speed yoked together, their strength is increased. They can pull extremely heavy loads.

6 – Tiger


Tiger is the strongest and largest member of the cat family. Tiger carries a weight 550kg that is twice of its weight. It is the strongest jungle animal that feed on another animal. Tiger can eat 45 pounds food in one night. The Siberian tiger is the largest tiger. Its length is 75-90 inches and weighs up to 306kg. They have powerful jaws and 30 teeth. Their teeth can easily flesh up to a length of 10 centimeters. Comparatively the size and strength they can defeat lion. Tiger’s prey are deer, buffalo, bears, monkeys, etc.

5 – Gorilla


Gorilla is the largest primate in the world by size. They are third similar relatives to humans after chimpanzees and bonobos. Their height may be nearly 6 feet. Gorilla can carry weight almost 2000 kg that is equal ten times its body weight. Gorilla can lift up 30 humans. They have strongest arms. Gorilla considers to be six times stronger than an adult human. They have 32 teeth like a human, the big difference that their canine teeth grow up to 2 inches long. These cannons help him for chewing the food.

4 – African Elephant

African Elephant

An Elephant is one of the strongest animals and mammals. His weight is 6350kg, and they carry weight more than 9000kg. An African Elephant considers the world’s largest and most intelligent animals. They have a thick body, stocky legs, and large ears. He stands up 13 feet tall. An Elephant trunks have 100,000 different muscles that make him stronger. He can consume 300 pounds of food every day.

3 – Leaf cutter Ants

Leafcutter Ants

Leafcutter is 2.1cm long. They are also called, “parasol ants.” They are 47 different species that found in Central and South America and some in Mexico. They can carry almost 50 times it is body weight that round about 500mg. They cover remarkable distance while lifting the weight. Their powerful jaws carry large pieces of leaves to their nests which can grow 100 feet across. In this nest near 8 billion Ants could live.They have a potential to provide strong anti- cancer drugs for humans. One bite is last you 12 months.

2- Rhinocers Beetle


They are capable of lifting up the 850 weigh which of its body weight. There are 300 species of theirs. They grow 6 inches in length. They are capable of lifting weighed 65 tons.

1 – Dung Beetles

 Strongest Animals in the World

The half inch Dung Beetles are the strongest creature on earth. It can lift something that is 1141 times its body weight. They feed on dung and feces. In a research, if human were to pull 1142 times their body weight they would pull six full double – decker buses!!!!