To achieve the best out of your work out there are few things you shouldn’t do after you have worked out. If you are not going to avoid those particular things you are more likely to waste all the efforts you have made in sweating out at gym and no one would like that. Our body is complicated when it comes to losing weight, but with proper guidance and awareness you can make it as you want to. It requires few things, good food, good digestion, good workout and a little care.


Here are the following things you got avoid at any cost after workout.

  1. Touching face

The gyms are not quite hygienic; there is a chance that your whole body is wrapped in germs and bacteria. In that case you are not supposed to touch your face especially eyes it can cause infection, allergies and even viruses. To keep in good health, the first thing to do after a workout probably going to the restroom and washing hands, you cannot take a shower right after working out anyways.

  1. Not cooling down your body

After a heavy workout or a great jogging session your body needs to calm down before getting engaged into another activity to revitalize the energy and stamina. A workout after a workout is not a good idea. Take some time to cool down, let your heart rate and blood pressure get normal.

  1. Not changing clothes

Those workout pants might be super comfy, but staying sweated clothes can make troubles, it can cause body acne and yeast infections. Get a shower after workout and wear fresh clothes. This is really about proper hygiene and good health.

  1. Not eating

After a workout your body needs to refuel its energy level, that doesn’t mean you can jump to anything you see and eat a lot of calories, you should eat snacks rich in carbs and proteins. It is the best way to get the energy to resume the day routine.

  1. Not drinking post-workout drink

There are number of drinks available that are made for after workout needs of the body, the energy drinks and other healthy drinks like protein shake. If you don’t drink, you will feel tired and may be exhausted, but one thing to be watchful of, some of these drinks carries a big amount of sugar and calories so read the ingredients before picking one.

  1. Not tracking your progress

If you are not tracking your progress, you are probably not so serious about your workout and about losing weight. Keeping a track of means you can watch your progress and it will motivate you. If writing it manually is not your thing, there are number of apps available which can help you in watching your progress.

  1. Not staying dehydrated

This is something serious about working out, when you are involved in training your body’s need of water becomes more than the normal need. It is because of the sweating that your body becomes dehydrated and it can cause a lot of problems like dry skin, heart problems etc, staying dehydrated is as important as breathing for the body.

  1. Not Starching

It only takes few moments to stretch after a workout, it can save you from muscles from contracting, instead it allows them to reconstruct and provides maximum benefits of exercising. In addition stretching also aid you in relaxing and decrease muscles stiffness.

  1. Not sleeping

You got to take a short nap after work out so don’t avoid if your body is giving you signals to sleep.

  1. Lingering

If you have finished your training, don’t linger around other gym fellows, this is annoying and can distract them.