The food trends shows that so called “healthy food lovers” prefer eating chicken over cows and goats, farm chicken is often included in the diet meals as well. But if we talk about the “REALITY”, eating farm chicken may hold more dangers than country chicken or homegrown chicken as organically and ethnically homegrown animals are a way better choice than the poultry or broiler.


Well there are plenty of arguments and reasons to not eat chicken. Read the following.


High cholesterol

High cholesterol in body is one of the major risk factors of heart diseases. Cholesterol also becomes the reason of clogged arteries. Broiler chickens are harmful to health as they cause high cholesterol in the body as a chicken contains as much cholesterol as red meat does. An egg contains three times much cholesterol than red meat.


Cancer is a disease which involves abnormal cell growth which can spread to other parts of the body. If diagnosed on early stages, it may be cured else it may lead you to death.

Grilled chicken contains phIP that takes part in the growth of some kinds of cancers such as prostate cancer and breast cancer. Chicken meat which is cooked at high temperature contains heterocyclic amines which can increase cancer risk.


Broiler chicken is highly toxic because some common industry practices are applied to make them grow within not time and those practices become the reason of numerous diseases in humans such as dementia, cancer, neurological problems and such other kind of disorders. They eat harmful chemicals in order to get ready for maximum meat production and gain fat. Due to chemicals and injections they face, they grow 3 times faster than the normal chicken. They have growth hormones related problems, which can affect us as well. The bones of broiler chickens are weak as well due to improper growth. Also they lack proper nutrition as they are stuffed with chemicals and medications.



Weight gain:

Consumption of farm chicken also leads you to gaining weight which eventually causes obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Food Poisoning:

Consumption of farm chicken is hazardous to health. It may sometimes cause food poisoning which may become severe and in a few cases may lead to death.

  1. Coli:

In a USDA study E.coli was found in minimum 65% of farm chickens. These chickens are made organically and their use is risky for humans. Consumer reports show that more than 1 million people in USA become ill every year as a result of eating the chicken which is undercooked.

Avian Flu:

Avian flu is a very severe ailment that is often causes due to consumption of broiler chicken.

Alarming Environmental Impact:

Environmental impact of raising farm chicken is breathtaking. Land is being destroyed by immensely toxic and dangerous animal waste. It seeps into the water and makes it contaminated. Air is also being polluted and it is becoming difficult to even breathe. In short, this process is affecting not only humans but every species on the planet.