There have been a fair share of religious films produced over the years. Most of them are rather tame, and typical religious propaganda, to be honest. But there are those select few that have really either attempted to shine light on “God’s children” in a rather grotesque or overwhelmingly, and overzealous way… or have shone light on the incredible absurdities of the religious, their beliefs, and their horrid actions.

From extolling the virtues of the insane tenants of Scientology via the awful acting of John Travolta… all the way to filmmakers being stabbed to death for detailing the abuse of women in fundamentalist Muslim households… well, suffice it to say religion, and films about religion, on either side of the argument, really do make a lasting impact on people (and sometimes a fatal one).

And so, below are fifteen religious films, both for and against, that have in one way or another stirred up an incredible amount of trouble, caused countless cases of abuse, and lead to more deaths than anyone might initially think.

15. The Da Vinci Code