1-5 Facts

Lord Sandwich

1. The sandwich was named after Lord Sandwich – a gambler who didn’t have time to eat during a play so he would ask his servants to bring him slices of meat in between slices of bread.

2. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a sandwich must contain at least 35 percent cooked meat and no more than 50 percent bread.

3. 31% of the calories and 60% of the Fat in Burger King’s sandwich comes from the mayonnaise alone.

4. A Minnesota-based YouTuber once made a chicken sandwich literally from scratch. He grew a garden, harvested wheat, slaughtered a chicken, traveled to boil ocean water for salt, etc. It took him 6 months and cost him $1,500. He didn’t think it tasted very good. –

5. Albuquerque, NM, started paying the homeless to clean up abandoned homeless camps around the city. The participants must work hard and on average five to six hours a day. In return, they get $9 an hour plus a lunch of sandwiches, chips, and granola bars.

6-10 Facts

iran world's largest sandiwich


6. Iran tried to get into the Guinness book of world records by making the world’s largest sandwich. But people started eating it before it could be officially measured so they failed.

7. In 2003, a man in Belgium stole diamonds worth 100 million dollars from a vault that was protected by multiple security mechanisms, including a lock with 100 million possible combinations, a seismic sensor, Doppler radar, infrared heat detectors, and a magnetic field. He was caught because he left a partially eaten sandwich near the crime scene which was used as a DNA evidence.

8. A Chicago man once robbed a Subway and then crossed the street to buy a Potbelly sandwich with the money.

9. Elvis Presley flew to Denver and back one night just to pick up a Fool’s Gold Loaf: an 8,000 calorie sandwich made from a hollowed out loaf filled with an entire jar of peanut butter, one jar of jelly, and a pound of bacon.

10. In 1927, MGM’s lion was in a plane crash and survived on milk, water, and sandwiches

11-15 Facts

peanut butter and jelly sandwich


11. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were originally considered a delicacy, only enjoyed by those of the upper class.

12. John Young, the pilot of Gemini 3, was reprimanded for smuggling a corned beef sandwich onto the spacecraft.

13. The Italian BMT, Subway’s most popular sandwich, is named for “Brooklyn Manhattan Transit”, literally a Subway.

14. Massachusetts court ruled that a sandwich must contain two slices of bread, thus legally barring tacos, burritos, and quesadillas from being called “sandwiches.”

15. In 1987, Steve Rothstein paid $250K for a lifetime unlimited first class American Airlines ticket . He even hopped onto planes to get a sandwich or go to a baseball game in other cities. It cost American Airlines around $21 million, and they ended his contract in 2008.

15-20 Facts

 bacon sandwich.


16. According to researchers at Newcastle University, a bacon sandwich can cure a hangover.

17. In 2009, two Domino Pizza’s employees in North Carolina were arrested after a video surfaced on the internet that showed one of them putting cheese up his nose while preparing sandwiches, farting on salami slices, and blowing his nose on the food, as the second employee filmed.

18. McDonald’s restaurants on Canada’s east coast have a seasonal “McLobster” sandwich.

19. During World War 1, the United States Government tried to rename hamburgers as “liberty sandwiches” to promote patriotism

20. Portugal’s national sandwich has steak, ham,fresh sausage, dry sausage, cheese – and then it’s covered in melted cheese and beer sauce.

21-25 Facts



21. Legally, New York state considers burritos to be sandwiches.

22. The average American child eats 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before he/she graduates high school.

23. John Montagu, the current Earl of Sandwich, owns a restaurant chain called the Earl of Sandwich which specializes in sandwiches.

24. Quiznos sued one of its franchise because they did not put enough meat on their sandwiches. The franchise counter-sued Quiznos and won.

25. The United States is considered the origin of at least 60 different kinds of sandwiches.