Majority of the land in India is covered by forests, the Western Ghats, the Indo-Gangetic plains, the great Himalayan region and the hills of the North-East. The country boasts of great abundance of fauna and is a home to many peculiar animals, in which, unfortunately, the issues such as poaching and encroachment have threatened their chances of survival, which have led to a steep reduction in their number. The wildlife authorities are now ensuring that strict measures are taken to prevent their extinction and guarding their natural habitats. Such steps have also helped in saving a few of these animals. However, a few others have become so scarce that they are not often spotted and might soon turn extinct if not well protected. Here are 20 such endangered animals inhabiting the jungles of India, which need to be saved, else the future generations might just not get to see even one of them.

1. Great Indian Bustard
The world renowned Great Indian Bustard, is one of the most critically endangered birds in the country today. The structure of the bird resembles that of an Ostrich, since both of them have long, thin legs and a relatively puffed upper body. Although they were found in great abundance in states like Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Rajasthan, there numbers have dwindled significantly over the years. According to a census conducted in 2008, only 250 birds of this species were found in the country, alerting wildlife authorities to initiate steps required for their protection.