Quiz question Answer
What is the name of the German airline? Lufthansa
In which European city can you find the home of Anne Frank? Amsterdam
How many stars has the American flag got? Fifty
How long is the Great Wall of China? 4000 miles
Who invented Ferrari? Enzo Ferrari
According to the Bible, who was the first murderer? Cain
In what year did princess diana die? In the year 1997
Which famous British women murderer of the 19th century was never arrested? Jack the Ripper
On which mountain did Jesus take his last supper? Golgotha or Calvary
What is the largest number of five digits? 99999
What is the most fractured human bone? Clavicle
What is the most famous university of Paris? Sorbonne
Which animal is on the golden Flemish flag? Lion
What is the name of the Indian holy river? Ganges
Which South American country is named after Venice? Venezuela
How many stars feature on the flag of New Zealand? Four stars
What colour to do you get when you mix red and white? Pink
What is both a French wine region and a luxury American automobile? Cadillac
For which narrow sea strait is Hellespont the ancient name? Dardanelles