Neil Armstrong once rightly observed, “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” We most often associate the word ‘mystery’, with the unknown, the bewildering, and the bizarre. When we are unable to describe certain incidents or natural occurrences, we find them alien to our understanding and logic. The same extends to certain places around the world as well. They look and feel strange, unearthly and preternatural, and we look at them in wonder and awe, because they defy logic. However, not everything needs to be dissected and explained to be enjoyed. Occasionally, not knowing why something happens, or why it exists, is a seductive and hypnotizing experience in itself. As it is believed by many, some things are better left unsaid. Similarly, some places are better left untarnished by scientific explanations. These places exude beauty and brilliance despite being otherworldly. Having said that, the following are the twenty most alien, bizarre, weird and mysterious places on earth.

1. Mount Roraima, Brazil

Yes, Mount Roraima, unlike its appearance, is actually a mountain. Instead of having a towering peak, covered by those dreamy clouds, the top of Mount Roraima is actually flat, resembling the structure of a sprawling plateau. Geologists and geographers attribute this phenomenon to the forces of nature, such as rain and wind. What’s makes this place stranger and even more mysterious is the fact that the vegetation and wildlife visible in abundance here, a factor not seen anywhere else in the world.

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