This is my second Liebster Award.  I don’t know your definition of liebster award is match to me but I am  very happy thank you to  my dr  frnd antara nandi  for nominating me.

The link to her blog is

Let me display the rules

So these are the rules and all my nominees should follow them.
The rules are as follows :

So these are the rules and all my nominees should follow them.

❄Here are the answers to the questions asked to me by antara.

1. Why did you start blogging?

What i don’t know .know it & see a  how humans are be  happy and how to  spending their free time .
2. If you opened a restaurant, how would you promote it?

My restaurant food are only natural foods junk food’s are  not allowed now a nature is difficult  i think it’s enough to promote.

3. If you wake up one day and find that your gender has changed, what would you do first?

i am go to shopping and buy a suitable products for me
4. If you were given a chance, to wish for something that you have desired the most, what would that be?

good girlfriend

5. What would you tell God if he somehow appeared infront of you?

give a time machine
6. Your craziest adventure?

travel with my friends  hills station
7. Tell us about a dream that became true?

yes my engineering degree
8. What is your favourite cuisine?

My Mother make whatever that’s my favorite food.because that food have not a taste only it also have LOVE …
9. What is your favourite quote and why?

MY future girlfriend..i don’t see but she s live for me

10. Define yourself in two words.

Antics of other’s ..King of my parents

My favourite blog is


💎 Here are ten random facts about myself :
1. I  am a dreamer  most of my dream is fail but never i feel about one day my dream comes true.
2. I am respect to my Indian culture  i like a  traditional dress
3. I don’t know swim but i enjoy play in water with my friends
4. I like a car  riding in night time but still i don’t do
5. I feel. bored writting some poet .i caaled poet but i don’t know what others called
6. my favorite game is cricket .but in my school day’s we play foot ball in basket ball pitch our ball is half slipper.
7. I love mist.
8. I want to get a bank job.
9. i like a cat very much and my desire is make a little garden in my home.
10. i like to travel a new places.

🌟These are ten random facts about me.
The questions below are for my nominees to answer.

  1. which topic you search  most in google?
  2. Suppose you are a president in your country what is your first  rule?
  3. you get a dating with a hero/heroine what question you first asked ?
  4. one day you get a time machine what you do?
  5. which country culture you mostly like?
  6. What you think about your blogger’s friend
  7. What country would you like to visit? and why?
  8. you are in flight  a pilot announced a flight engine is burned what you do?
  9. what is your best gift in your life still?
  10. your favorite food?

My nominees are :

I would like to nominate another person for this award to add some fun, the funniest blogger for me.

I am done with my first blog award. Thank you for all your love.

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