Day After Tomorrow  Election will be conducted in my state of TAMILNADU..I India Delhi & Tamilnadu State is Gateway of my Country i think it’s enough to intro my state..

Why i am post this message is our election commission  is announce  yesterday    no one person is don’t ask vote from people  &   don’t be add their party  in any public sector like Facebook,twitter ..etc .are restricted .

So i decide show my support via this post .In Tamilnadu DMK & ADMK is Big Parties Most of people is supported these parties in my state. Example  last our central government election  BJP is won most place in india but tamilnadu it get only one place that time  All over india people are supported Modi JI but my state People Support these parties.

Last 50 Year these parties ruled my State whereever we easily see while these parties ruling time is CORRUPTION,COMMISSION,COLLECTION these are major common in  these two parties.but this time one corer youngster are ready vote  i am the one of that our vote is decide who is ruled up coming election.

so these 2 parties are announced free scheme is majorly covered to youngsters. But we don’t expect any free we expect a good ruler . A DMK have A 2g Corruption it values more than one lakh crore .A ADMK have Assets case in Supreme Court.A congress Parties   is Endangered party in tamilnadu. A BJP party Don’t Have a Brisk Leader in My state .So i don’t be ready to put a my vote in these parties.

I am selected to vote  Naam tamilar party  (நாம் தமிழர் கட்சி )this party candidate is not a rich  they are good educators and  youngsters all are new faces,so i choosed.

MY VOTE :tamilar