Hello friends happy April fool day .this day reminds lot of happy moments in my school days .i am studied 6 th to 10 th in government school these times are my golden time in my life. During school time every April 1st morning I take commitment full day today I won’t fool from anyone but my decision is broke morning class start  within 1 hr  or maximum afternoon lunch.


Lot of fun ideas said my friend & classmates to make a fool to others example:

1.dai your dad is come to our school he  wait in office room go to meet him

2.machi you cycle tire is puncher

  1. cockroach in your school bag
  2. your class master call you
  3. a girl look you
  4. your trouser is ripped
  5. a ink in your shirt back side
  6. a class leader write your name for speaking person

Like lot of funny ideas are we hear in our past life but now we are youngsters we forgot our enjoyment because we think we develop so these are chilly but that’s not correct in our life we enjoy these kind of little things .

Now I am in my office here working more than 500 people It is big silks shop .i have a good friends but my friends are forgot this day enjoyment unless they avoid this enjoyment but my heart is feel  why we  be a robot life .???

Today we have good opportunity friends do you like any girls we easily propose  suppose she angry we say April fool  hahahaha……