Our Bihar state Government  banned alcohol drinks yesterday .It’s one of good news in India .Already Gujarat,Kerala state  governments are banned alcohol drinks .


I am heartily thanks to Mr. Nithis kumar  ji he is the chief minister of Bihar. Last October month election was conduct in his state.that time he announced number  of  election statements to his people .that one of the statement is alcohol banned .after  6 month he fulfilled this statement.


i think it’s bold decision because in India  maximum all  state government  income  based upon alcohol drinks.but nithish ji took a bold decision for his people now he is one of the moral of other state chief minister. i hope hear after Bihar state people economic & education level increased

I am in TamilNadu state here my government 1st income is alcohol drinks . in  1980’s  more than 50 cross people is addicted to alcohol and 2000 millennium 30-50 age people is addicted to alcohol but now 2016 school children s also drink alcohol it’s shame of us but we can’t control to increase alcoholist .only one solution we have banned alcohol .but our politician & businessman  are not like this rule . We wait for  a good government long years still no one come to change anything.we need a leader of Modi,Nithish like but all politician aim is earn money in ruling years . they won’t change but we can change so people please take a good decisions   in your voting time. unless come to street fight against your government our next generation search a alcohol in only google not a state

With Love