Hello watoo you  announced retirement in world 1st class cricket. it’s unfortunate time of your fans .I don’t expect you do  retirement in this year but you took this decision.I wish  for your future be happy. your fans we always support.


i am a Indian.In my country cricket is one of religion of all people we have world 1st class players but i inspire on your cricket style i like you i support you i am pray for you every match you will play good .

sorry i don’t know when i am like your cricket i forgot .but i saw one of the match you came to bat 8 r 9th down and you will bowl opening spell that match i am not inspire on you but one of the next match you came to bat opener i am really excited   how a bowler became a opening batsman on that match i see your batting & bowling style really i like  you  that day to still i support you even-though you play against India my friends are scold when you hit a six r four but i enjoy that moments are very beautifully.when you took a wicket your voice is like a roaring to opponents.


you are the hero of my cricket.no one all rounder is replace you in cricket world. hereafter i am decided won’t see a icc cricket match but i expect you in IPL(Indian premier league) .