Health benefits of clapping hands

This seems to a joke if we tell that “Clapping hands make a healthy health”, but the good thing is it is absolutely right and worth too, simply we can say The sound of two hands clapping much more than early morning music, we basically clap our hands when we cheer or encourage someone. We also clap when we are happy and excited. Many people also clap while singing. Clapping hands is fun. This is why many children like clapping. Lets see how clapping helps in our health.

Clapping hands will helps you lot to get relief from heart disease and asthma related problems.
It helps a lot in nerves which connects heart, live, lungs etc, if we clap your hands it helps nerves to work better.
You will feel better and more relaxed with this.
It boosts your immunity because it strengthens the white blood cells in your body; these protect your body from any kind of illness.
It helps to increase skills in children and improve their academic performance.
Clapping stimulates blood circulation and removes all obstructions in the veins and arteries, including bad cholesterol.
If you Clap 1,500 times a day will keep you fit.
Clapping hands can help train children motor skills may so that they can produce neat handwriting, write better and reduce spelling error.
Clap your hands every day for an hour after a meal. You will feel warmth and maybe even sweat on both your hands and feet.
n order to get good results before clapping one should apply coconut or mustard oil on the palms so that it was absorbed by the body.
Disease like heart conditions, hypertension, and diabetes, depression, asthma, common cold, and arthritis, headaches, insomnia and hair loss could be cured by clapping.