The master goal behind building the famous DU Battery Saver Android application is to provide a longer battery life for the Android devices. The Du Group, which has been a manufacturer and developer of many Android apps claims of providing an impressive 70% extra life of the battery.The app is packed with great features and is available for free download, so it has gained much popularity since its start and has cumulatively saved around 59280Kwh across the globe.

The app design follows a concept similar to most battery saving apps with basic functions for the optimization of performance by closing power consuming and apps running in the background. Also, the app comes handy with its suggestions for performance optimization. These suggestions and improvement tips set this app aside from most others in the market. The app works its way through the settings of the device and brings to the user’s notice the settings through which there can be a better performance. For e.g.,- basic changes in the screen brightness or connectivity options and also the time before the screen blacks out, etc

Overall, the app has proved to be a boon addressing the complaints of the Android users for lower battery and poor performance of the devices. The customer reviews about the app also appreciate the unique abilities and simple user base of the app.

Let us look at the various features through which the Du power saving app puts an end to the days of low battery stress:-

Battery Details

The Battery page of the app is highly useful bringing all the data about battery statistics, the temperature as well as the voltage of the device all on one screen. It’s a one-page access to all the other running apps, screen brightness, Bluetooth, WI-Fi and such power consuming creatures, thereby making it very simple for the user.


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Analytical Home screen

The DU battery saver app has a very informative Home Screen. A clip art of the battery shows the status i.e. battery consumed and remaining to become zero along with the hours and there is also the widget showing the temperature of the device.The user can also customise which widgets are to be placed on the home screen as per individual requirements. Besides this, the app also sends notifications. There is also an Optimize button which allows the user to shut down unnecessary apps.

Saver Option

There are two ways in which the user can use the battery saver app. One is the ‘saver’ option, and the other is the ‘smart’ option. Under the saver option, there is a choice to the user to select the various operations of messages, calls and connectivity of network on the device. Under the smart mode which is available in the pro-version, there are certain advanced features such as screen lock, auto clear, phone cooler and more.


User Extensive Settings

DU battery saver gives its users an extensive settings feature also. This feature takes care of the user’s privacy settings, reminders and notification settings which lead to maximum benefits for the user. The user can allow/disallow unnecessary notifications as per individual requirements.There is also an option to choose the way in which the background apps operate, giving the user full control over the behaviour of the applications.

Phone Cooler

This feature literally cools down your device to standard prescribed temperatures. This is achieved by managing and closely monitoring the CPU apps, preventing the hardware from any damage. Statistics shows that the average temperature of the phone can rise up to 63% when unchecked, and the DU app promises to bring it down to a good 37% approximately.


Another powerful feature of this user-friendly app is the Monitor screen. Once you are on this screen, the user can see a list of all applications that are running even in the background along with system services. The user can easily identify and close the apps not needed. This also works as information to the user reminding them to do probably away with the apps not frequently used by them. So no more secret apps running in disguise!



Profile view

The profile view is again very handy allowing the user to have a quick glance about the device information, notifications in the form of messages and also the number of DU coins earned. Other features like DU swipe and app lock are also easily accessible. The user can also see the rewards earned such as battery skins, healthy charge, new un-locked features, which further enhance the user experience.


The ‘charge’ option is considered a clever one, providing a clip art of the current battery usage in percentage along with three options for improving performance. These options are basically the full charge mode, the trickle charge mode and the fast charge mode. As the name suggests, these modes work in a step by step manner by regulating the flow of current at different stages. This optimises the process of charging and leads to a complete healthy charged device. To make things simpler for the user, there is a calendar option in which one can make a note of the different modes used on each day.

Final Thoughts

The Du app has been successful in answering most complaints of Android users. They have a record download of 15million users. There is, however, a difference in the performance of the free and the pro versions. The former promises to boost the battery by up to 50% while the latter by about 70%. The app wins hearts with its utility and simple design making it workable for even a non-technical user. In this advanced world wherein smartphones have safely replaced the laptops and desktops for all activities like emails, browsing, video calls, conferences, social networking and such other things, it is extremely important to have an app that keeps in check the battery life providing a near non-stop use.

You can download and try the app from the Google PlayStore and explore the various features for yourself!

Here is short video of DU Battery Saver.