Here we complied a list of top 10 Power bank priced below rs. 1500, comes with over 10000 mAh battery. Some of these Power banks are launched recently like Asus ZenPower, Huawei Honor AP007 and really appreciating by the users. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank and OnePlus Power Bank are the most recommended power banks according to the tech rating.

So lets have a look on the review of Best Portable chargers under rs 1000 to 15000 to buy in India in 2015 :

1.Xiaomi Mi Power Bank (10400 mAh)


Xiaomi create a new standard for power banks in India with the launch of its extreme Xiaomi Mi Power Bank. It is powered by a 10400 mAh battery, launched last year for a price rs. 999. The build quality of Mi Power bank is really beautiful and look premium due to it’s aluminium casing. There are our LED lights on the left side that indicate the power level in it. On buying the Mi Power Bank, you will also get a small portable micro USB cable which is very convenient to use and carry. Overall it is one of the best power bank available on Flipkart.

2.Asus ZenPower (10050 mAh)


Asus ZenPower launched recently in Indian market for rs. 14,99 with 10050 mAh battery Capacity. Asus ZenPower available to buy in different colour option like black, white, dark pink, grey. The Asus ZenPower bank is a lightweight power bank having weight just 215 grams. It is protected from Over Charging Over Discharge Protection and Ultra Fast Charging. The power bank give a premium look due to its premium finish and lightweight aluminum outer casing that protect it from any external damage. The Asus ZenPower available to buy on flipkart for rs.1499.

3.OnePlus Power Bank (10000 mAh)


OnePlus Power Bank is available to buy exclusively on amazon, powered by 10,000 mAh battery.  The portable charger comes with Dual USB ports for charging two devices at a time. There is a LEB Battery indicator for showing the level of charging. It is protected by overcharging and overheating, A small USB cable consist in the box. The power bank is easy to carry due to its light weight and compact design. Overall a great package to charge quickly the device.

4.Huawei Honor AP007 (13000 mAh)


Huawei launched Honor AP007 power bank with 13000 mAh battery. The Honor power bank giving tough competition to Xiaomi and Asus power bank. It provides very quick charging and lighter to carry. The charger comes with 2 USB port for charging to device at a time and crafted very nicely. The device gives a premium look with its Matt finish silver body. LED light also exist to indicate power level and protected from  Over-discharge and Over-charge Protection . You can Buy the Huawei Honor AP007 power bank on Flipkart

5.Adata PT100 power bank (10000 mAh)


Adata PT100 power bank is also a nice option for the users who want a huge batery power bank in a budget price.  It is available to Buy on Amazon only for rs. 999. The power bank is fueled by a 10000 mAH battery capacity, comes with Dual USB outlets for faster charging. It is compatible with all Smartphones, The charger has 4 stage lighting with LED flashlight.

6.Ambrane P-1500 power bank (15600 mAh)


This is a Power Bank smartly designed for smartphone and tablets for quick charging and long battery life. It is powered by a 15600 mAh battery and carry a weight 340 gm. The power bank has a LED digital display to show the charging level. You canbuy Ambrane P-1500 power bank on Flipkart for rs. 1529.

7.Maxx PB-AS-130 Power Bank (13000 mAh)


Maxx PB-AS-130 Power Bank is also an affordable power bank compatible with Mobiles, Smartphones, Tablets, Bluetooth receiver, Portable speakers, Bundled with Smartphone Connector: Micro USB, Battery indicator show the levels of Charge. The charger has 2 USB port to charge two device simultaneously. The charger look very pretty due to colorful designing. Buy Maxx PB-AS-130 Power Bank on Flipkart for rs. 12,99.

8.Intex IT-PB11 power bank (10000 mAh)


Intex IT-PB11 power bank available to buy online easily, having 10000 mAh battery capacity. There are two Connectors Micro-B USB, Mini USB to charge the device . It is available to Buy on Flipkart rs 1325.

9.Forme F8 Power Bank (13000 mAh)


Forme F8 Power Bank provide fast charging via Micro USB Charging and equipped with LED Indicator for battery level awareness. In this charger you will get Special circuits for Apple and Android let you charge your phones simultaneously at full speed. It is compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB-charged devices. The power bank is protected from overcharging and ensure your safety, it has a weight 330 G. The Forme F8 Power Bank available to buy on Flipkart for rs. 11,99