If you use your smartphone a lot, you probably play around with the wallpaper settings too. Some of us might opt for personal photos instead of the default wallpapers but sometimes those photos make the homescreen look cluttered. If you’re looking for fresh and beautiful smartphone wallpapers that won’t get in the way, here are 10 great wallpaper apps that may be able to help.

The following 5 wallpaper apps are available for both Android devices. Each app has something unique to offer, be it high-definition photos or the ability to randomize your wallpapers. The sources for these images also vary according to each app; you could be pulling famous art, monograms or even HD satellite images!

1. Tapdeck (Android)

Tapdeck not only fills your Android homescreen with cool wallpapers very easily, it also allows you to switch to another wallpaper with a double tap. Apart from that, it also displays content related to your current wallpaper selection, pulling content from Wikipedia, Reddit, Flickr and more. To access this info, just swipe up on the screen.


2. Meter (Android)

Meter is an Android experiment which displays data about your phone such as battery level, wireless signal and notifications, with a twist. Meter turns the data into a live wallpaper, creating three types of simple visualization, which will be cycled through everytime you unlock your phone. The wallpaper will also change when you tilt or move your device. Check out the inner workings of Meter


3. Wonderwall (Android)

Wonderwall contains bunch of the best nature and landscape photography. New wallpapers are added every day. The fun thing about Wonderwall is you can let it set wallpapers for you, random choices based on an interval you choose, or the latest wallpaper that is added to the collection. The wallpapers have also been optimized for the portrait orientation.


4. Muzei (Android)

Muzei features beautiful famous art as your wallpaper but you can also get add-ons that will allow you to use wallpapers from third party sources such asFlickr, Tumblr, Instagram, Behance, NASA photos, etc. For further personalization, blur, dim or change your wallpaper to grayscale, or opt for the images to be automatically rotated at the set time interval. Check out how Muzei .


5. Minimal Wallpapers (Android)

For those of you who like a minimalistic backgrounds instead of colored gradients or fancy images, this is the app for you. With more than 110 minimal wallpapers, available in HD, you can find two-toned choices, flat backgrounds fairly easily. This works best with custom launchers.