The oversharing phenomenon is a real struggle. Opinions taken out of context get frowned upon, blown out of proportion and sometimes wreak havoc in the sharer’s life. Sometimes though, we just want to get things off our chest under anonymity, and find people who can help you deal or focus on your problem rather than the person behind it.

Here are 10 apps to help you talk to people who won’t know it’s you on the other side, or to help you find kindred spirits to share thoughts with. With these apps you can find people who you don’t know and will probably never ever meet in real life, to talk to.

Everything blows over over time anyways, but if you need someone to talk to right now, minus the possibility of getting your worries trampled over, here are the apps you should check out.

1. Wut Wut

Wut Wut is social app to let you share non-permanent messages to Facebook friends who are also on Wut Wut, without blowing your cover. Share spontaneous moments for a quick laugh and moments later your messages will disappear. Will be available for Android soon.

[Download: iOS]

2. Yik Yak

Yik Yak is an application for you to connect with people who think like you, without knowing them first. It works by letting you post messages to a live feed, on which you can see everyone else’s thoughts. Join in a conversation that interest you, and you might just be able to meet up with like-minded friends IRL. As the motto goes: find your herd.

[Download: iOS]

3. Psst

Psst is a chat platform where there is no chat history or chat ID’s. You can share political views, confessions, secrets, deal with grief and other less happy life experiences or just share corny jokes with other users. Your post stays active for 48 hours and is gone forever. Private chats stay for half a minute, tops.

[Download: Android]

4. Truth

Truth is fun anonymous chat app that lets you talk with people on your contact list without disclosing your identity. You will only be identified as a type of Owl. All messages will only be received by or sent to people in your contact list, so you will be talking to people you know; they just won’t know it is you. There is also a way to report messages of a threatening nature as well as cries for help (e.g. depression) by an Owl. The team is working on an Android version.

[Download: iOS]

5. Whisper

Here is app that offers a fun way to share anything on your mind via memes. Discover Whispers by topics that interest you. You can write your thoughts, feelings, reaction or responses and post it with a background photo. If you like to have more private talks, just the private messaging feature here.

[Download: iOS | Android]

6. Popcorn

With Popcorn you are able to chat privately with peoples within a one-mile radius. Discover what people are doing in the local community, in your campus, in the new city you moved to or just to relieve boredom while at the office. The app is available in multiple languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

[Download: iOS]

7. Anomo

Anomo is simple and fun application to meet people with common interests. You start chatting with an avatar and via icebreaker games with 4 other users, the app will help hone down matches for your personality. You can then continue chatting with the matches provided. Once you are comfortable with your new friend, you can send reveal requests to know more about the other user.

[Download: iOS | Android]

8. Kindly

Kindly is anonymous application with a compassionate community of helpful listeners who will listen to you vent problems or ask questions you are uncomfortable asking people around you. You can also turn the tables and be a life coach or a listening ear to someone with a problem. Chat openly in a threaded conversation feed or go 1-on-1 if the situation requires it.

[Download: iOS]

9. Roomvine

Roomvine is app to chat with strangers in the same vicinity. Your identity is hidden. With this app you can check whats going on at a venue around you, such as a bar, cafe or an on-the-spot event that you don’t have prior knowledge about. You can also remotely tune into what is happening at particular place anywhere around the world.

[Download: iOS | Android]

10. Wondr

This last one doesn’t let you in particular chat in anonymity but it does allow your Twitter followers to hide their identity when asking you questions. Once you start a session, a push notification will be sent to your followers, sort of like an invite for them to participate. you can then chat with them as if you are in a forum. You might find out things your followers thought about you when they are allowed to speak without hesitation.

[Download: iOS | Android]