Rail-Tel Wi-Fi Network With Indian Railways

Around 100 Wi-Fi enabled railway stations would be launched in the coming years. Mumbai Central will be the first to go online in January 2016.

You will get one hour of high-speed Internet connectivity for free.


Project Loon Coming To India

Yes, the balloon powered internet is officially coming to India. The company hasn’t announced any timeframe for the same, but has said that they will launch a network of balloons in the country to connect people in rural and remote areas in order to fill coverage gaps as well as to bring people back online after disasters.


Turn Any Monitor Into A Powerful Machine Just for Rs 7,999

Google Chromebit will come to India this January. You can simply plug it in to convert any machine into a powerful deskptop in no-time.

To us, this seems like Google’s answer to PC-on-stick. We are really are keen to see if this would revolutionize the computing space in India.


Your Dream To Join Google Can Turn Out To be True

If you always wanted to join the Google team, then do visit the company’s career page now.

The company is planning to expand its workforce and will soon be hirig people for its Bangalore and Hyderabad offices.


Indie Keyboard

Google has created this new virtual keyboard, which will make it easy for Indians to type in 11 Indian languages.

And it would be Lava and Intex smartphones, who will integrate this Indie keyboard in their smart devices.

More Internet Power To Women In Rural India


While commenting on lower percentage of women using Internet in rural India, Sundar announced that the company will put in greater efforts to get them online.

For this, a group of women will travel to various villages on bicycles and introduce the women out there to the Internet.

They were running a pilot program for quite some time, and have now announced their plans of going full-scale in 300,000 Indian village in the next 3 years.

Now your phone’s camera would translate in Hindi

By next year, Google will enable people to translate any signboard across the country in Hindi in real-time.

Users will just have to open the translate application, focus on the text via camera lens and voila, they can immediately see the translated text right onto their screens.

Shoot Videos In YouTube Office In Mumbai

Google also informed us about the YouTube space, which it has opened in partnership with Indias leading film studio Whistling Wood, where content creators can go and use the equipments to shoot their videos.

The idea is to enhance the content creators ecosystem in the country we were being told.

Google To Empower Developers

Google has announced a program to train two million new Android developers over the next three years by working closely with more than 30 universities across the country in partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation.

Jason Titus, Vice-President of Engineering of the Developers Product Group, said, “We’re already seeing incredible growth in the number of developers in India, and our forecasts indicate that this is growth is not going to slow down anytime soon.

At Google, we’re committed to providing access to tools that empower developers to be successful.”


Google Campus Coming Up Soon In Hyderabad

Besides scaling up their engineering and business division, Google will also open up a new campus in the Hyderabad city. We are interested in knowing more details on the same.


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