Juice Defender:

Packed with seemingly endless options, Juice Defender is perhaps my favorite app on this list. The free client lets you manage common connections, such as mobile data as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Multiple preset modes, like “aggressive” and “balanced,” allow for toggling and scheduling, background synchronization, and choosing which apps can keep your screen on.




Initially created for rooted Android devices, Greenify helps extend battery life by automating the hibernation process, which keeps your apps from launching new background processes and sipping at that precious battery. Note that this is not the same thing as a task killer and the full functionality of apps is still present. In other words, Greenify puts misbehaving and otherwise thirsty apps to sleep without outright disabling or force closing them.

With Greenify, users can handpick which apps aren’t always that important and have the phone put them to sleep.


Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Designed by the Go Dev Team, this one is as gorgeous as it is flexible. A simple tap of the screen lets you toggle preset modes, making it easy to go from reading and relaxing to online gaming. For those who don’t like the standard modes, there are two other slots available for creating custom experiences.


Go Battery Saver & Power Widget keeps an eye on your apps to determine which are eating up battery more than others. By assigning a score to your battery, the app is able to determine which features you can enable or disable to extend its life. Tapping the optimize button, in essence, cleans up unnecessary, resource-sucking processes and tacks on some extra expected life. Doing this alone can provide an extra hour or more.

Battery Aid – Saver & Manager

Designed to work in conjunction with your current smartphone settings, this free app tosses in a few additional options to help eek out extra battery hours. Battery Aid will automatically turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Data connections when not in use, for a set amount of time. It also lets users toggle the sync setting as well.


The free version of the app provides shortcuts to phone options such as display brightness screen timeout, and car dock settings. Sure, you can find these in your handset’s normal places but Battery Saver keeps these sort of like-minded things in one place.


Of all the apps listed here, Tasker is the one that provides more than just battery extension and task-killing. In fact, I would recommend this one to anyone who wants to help automate the Android experience.


In the area of battery life, I like Tasker; it allows me to set times for sleeping and disabling of connections. While I generally tend to plug my phone in overnight, Tasker has proven handy in cases where I do not. Besides time of day, other triggers include day and location; both are useful for people with set work schedules