Refrigerator very few of us use it correctly. All the vegetable, fruit, meat should not be placed in the refrigerator.

If the diet in order to keep them in the fridge for weeks.

A few vegetable, fruit bearing solitary weeks. Do not keep more than a few days in the vegetable fruits.

The fish, meat and non-vegetarian dishes such as applies to ..

3 – 5 days:

Grapes, eprikat, pears, plums, 3-5 days

3 -5 days Broccoli, dried peas for 3-5 days

2 Weeks:

2 weeks Apples in a month 2 weeks of citrus fruits.

1 Weeks:

1 Week Pineapple (as a whole) 1 week (Cut into slices) 2-3 days

1 – 2 weeks Cabbage, carrot, radish, Oma leaf

1-2 weeks A week Cucumber, Eggplant 1 week

1 – 2 days Tomato

1-2 days, Cauliflower,

Mushroom 1-2 days.

The non-vegetarian dishes:

Meat Fried meat and gravy 2-3 days. We do not use for more than a day to Chicken

Fish Cooked fish for 3-4 days, Brush the fish for 1-2 days.