Just when I was digging through the Google Play store for a video editing software for my mobile, I found that Adobe had launched its video editing app for Android.Adobe Premiere Clip is a free app that was first introduced for iOS last October and is a stripped-down version of Adobe’s full-bodied video-editing desktop software.



I was looking for a video editing app that offers a neat interface without making video editing a pain. Adobe Premiere Clip, lets you trim parts of a video, adjust various aspects such as lighting, contrast, saturation, etc. and also let you add effects in an efficient manner. You can add your favorite sound track and organise its pace with the clipping to get the desired effect and can add fade-in / fade-out effects and cross-fades between clips. One of the best things about the app is that it allows you to drag and drop clips and photos to create a final product, which is quite handy in editing clips.

There is an automatic video mode that quickly stitches the pictures and videos you select. And if you want to tweak each and every aspect of the video, then you can try the Premiere Pro mode. The applications also allow you to share your work on Facebook, YouTube, twitter, etc.
Most of these features are already available in other video editing apps such as.Viva video, Magisto, Kinemaster, etc. but the ease of use Adobe Premier offers is unmatchable.

However, the app is in no ways perfect. One of the major pain point is that the app opens all the pictures and videos on your phone in random order, which makes it tough to select the files you want to edit. Another thing, you can’t select files that are larger than 1GB (ergh). Finally, you can’t work in landscape in this app. These are some of the restrictions that might be a problem for serious video editors but for someone who is looking for a fun and light video editor for smartphone.

Adobe Premiere Clip  is really a handy application.