Google’s latest version Android is now officially called as Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The public beta version is available for developers from a quite long time. Google to release the public version on November 2015.

The Android Marshmallow brings in lot of improvements, which give more control over to improve performance. Here are the top five features that makes the Android 6.0 Marshmallow one of the biggest operating systems in the mobile industry. Take a look at the slider below to know more.

1.App Permissions

One of the biggest features to the Android platform is selective app permission. Google has increased user control of app permission with the release of Android Marshmallow. This features will let users to pick and choose which permission will an app have during installation. In addition to that, users can also manage all their app permission in settings. Google has also urged the developers to design their app, that they prompt permission request during installation.

2.Now on Tap

Google announced a new feature called ‘Now on Tap’ for Google Now, which basically show contextual information by long pressing on the home button. This feature will offer contextual information based on what you are doing with just a click or by voice command.

3.Android Pay

Google introduced a new payment initiative called Android Pay. This features will now allow users to pay using their Android smartphone in stores using the NFC (Near Field Communication) or in-app that supports payment. The Android Pay will securely store details of credit card and other payment-related data on the smartphone and creates a virtual card similar to the Apple secure tokens.

4.Fingerprint Support

Until now selected OEM’s have fingerprint scanning technology on their smartphone. But the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow will support the fingerprint feature at the API level, which means developers can now add fingerprint API to their apps. The native fingerprint support for Android Marshmallow will enhance the Android Pay for users to confirm the payment with their fingerprint. In addition to that, this feature will allow users to sign-in or authenticate on apps or unlock device without the need of password or pin.

5.Auto Backup and Restore

Google also brings one of the most useful features for Android Marshmallow. The auto backup and restore for apps feature will get all apps backed up automatically to Google Drive. Google confirms that the automatic app backup will occur every 24 hours. This feature will allow users to signing into their Google account on new Android device or on a device after a factory reset to recover all their app and app settings.