Wohooo – now we can express ourselves with funny smiley faces on your PC too.

It’s not just us who write more with emoji’s than we do with actual letters …? There is the one for every occasion!

Has been dumped by his girlfriend; crying faces and broken heart. Got one 6’s on matte sample; big smiley face and thumbs up. Fool you out in front of “Crush” her; smileys with a drop of sweat on his forehead. Are you on holiday in the south and will envy their friends; green palm, surf, pink flower and sun.

Much easier and much more fun, right?

We’ve really missed being able to express ourselves properly on the PC too – and now our dreams come true. Now namely emoji key clock arrived!

It is the company Disk Cactus which has behind it super cool keyboard, but it is still unclear when it comes to shop. We at Top Girl editors should at least be quick in getting us a!

You only need to press the “emoji” key, then make the letters on the Emoji.